07 February 2008

Lucky Sevens: The Ramayana

Lucky Sevens has always been related to Australia, but in light of our recent trip, February's entry relates to India.

The Ramayana is an epic story that is very important in Indian culture and it's influence is also prominent in Southeast Asia. The story is popular entertainment for children, yet contains a deeper significance: it doubles as an allegory of ancient Hindu philosophy. All over India, pictures, statues and monuments can be seen of the various Hindu gods, most of which are featured in the Ramayana.

Your Lucky Sevens question: Who are the main hero and villain of the Ramayana?


Anonymous said...

Thanks to ask.com I have the answers.
Rama is the main hero and the villain is Ravana.


Chris said...

That is correct, giving Mom back-to-back Lucky Sevens.