02 February 2008

Where to begin?

Last Sunday, Heather and I returned from our trip around the world. Since then, I have been thinking about where to begin. I haven't come up with a plan yet, so I'll just ramble about it until everything is covered. Good? Good.

Our trip began with two weeks back in Dallas for Christmas and New Years. We stayed at Heather's parents, and my parents and my sister's family came down, too, including the three munchkins. I've got a funny picture of the three of them, but it's not too flattering, so I'll withhold it (unless their mother would give her approval*). We also spent some time with some of Heather's extended family. Highlights include her cousin throwing a dart into the ceiling during a game of 301. We also got to see lots of friends from back home. We met for breakfast one day with six other married couples, and only one other beside us didn't have kids. Did it make me start to think about it? Not a chance. Our time in Dallas also included a Mavs game (they won) and a Stars game (they lost). It's hard to believe that it has been three years since I have been to the AAC. And of course, there was the traditional game of racquetball, although attendance was a little low this year.

We stayed very busy, but it was very good to see everyone again, especially for me, since it has been a year and a half. But the difference between life there and here stood out for me, even moreso than my last trip back. The lack of cultural diversity also stood out. And I heard virtually nothing about world news the whole time we were there. But perhaps the most noticeable difference was the brand consciousness, particularly when driving down the highway and every business is a chain. I missed the locally owned restaurants and stores that we frequent here. It was also weird to have to take a car everywhere, too, but I quickly got used to it. Then again, I wasn't paying the gas bill.

*See comments: approval granted. Here you go:Mollie is in mid-chew, Cole is avoiding having something shoved in his mouth while also avoiding the camera (his specialty), and Macy has some wide red eyes that just won't reduce.

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Karen said...

What's the picture? I'd probably approve if they are all clothed.