18 April 2007

Surfing is hard

While on holiday at the Gold Coast, I finally tried something I have waited a long time for: surfing. Here is a video collection of some of my surfing exploits. In the first scene, I'm the guy who almost gets to his feet before splashing down. The second scene is Heather's favourite. In the third shot, I get to my feet for almost a full second!

These clips were all taken on the first of three days I took lessons. I would love to say I did better each day, but I'm not sure that would be the case. It is true that I learned more, but it didn't show because we attempted bigger and more challenging waves each day. I did catch a nice wave and ride it all the way in at the end of day two, though. But here is my attempt at a cartoon to show you what else happened on the second day.
Like a hammer to a nail. Let's just say I'm glad it was a soft board. That was bad enough.

The third day was really tough because we were paddling out to the biggest waves, and by the time we got out there, I was zapped. I didn't have the strength to push off the board to stand. I rode one wave in sitting side-saddle on the board because that was as far as I could lift myself.

It was hard, and I'm certainly no pro, but I did earn this fine certificate for my efforts, and I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to catch a wave.

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