22 April 2007

TV Turnoff Week 2007

Heather and I will be participating in TV Turnoff Week 2007 this week. That means no TV, DVDs, internet or Xbox. In a matter of minutes, the plug is pulled.

So what will we do instead? Well, tomorrow evening we will be watching A Friend of Mine, a German comedy. I have seen two German films and both were depressing (I'll tell that story sometime next week), so our friend Klaus is determined to show us that Germans can make funny movies, too. This is part of a German film festival going on in Sydney at the moment. We will probably see another German comedy that Klaus has recommended next Friday or Saturday as well.

Heather is also going to participate in a satire writing workshop, led by me. I gathered some materials this weekend, and we will spend an evening reading and discussing satire, and hopefully writing some of our own.

Heather will get some work done on various quilts she is in the middle of. I will do some reading—I'm in the middle of Don Quixote at the moment. We will go for walks. We'll try a new restaurant. Maybe we'll play Scrabble or some other game. Mostly we'll just see what happens when the TV or computer isn't on all the time.

So we're going off the grid—if you need us, I hope you have our phone number. And I encourage you to give TV Turnoff Week a try, too.

Talk to you in one week.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm! Is one group's uncommercial just a commercial to someone else? I'll just be waiting for the next power outage to observe, that is if there is no battery power or generator available.

Talk to you in a week.


Chris said...

Their website says that they tried to get the uncommercials on the air, but they were turned down by every network other than CNN. The were requesting donations to fund the spots, but apparently fell well short.