04 February 2006

The Assailant

School started this week, and is going well. Before I tell you about that, I should tell you about the Friday Night Adventure.
Heather and I had gone to dinner with her co-workers. After eating, we rode a very crowded bus home. I ended up sitting next to a woman who was clearly not all with us mentally. She had a wild look about her, and was talking to herself constantly. As we pulled up to Central Station, we got up to get off the bus. Because of the crowd, it was slow moving toward the doors. Near the door, I felt someone pushing me in the back, and heard the woman saying, "Get out of the way!" Then I felt her fist hammer the side of my head. She shoved past me and went out the door, looking back to glare at me. I was shocked. What do you do when someone clubs you like that out of nowhere? Especially if that person is A) a woman, and B) mentally challenged. In addition to being shocked, I didn't know where Heather was. I thought she was behind me, but when I looked back, she wasn't there. In the few seconds it took me to process all of this, the doors closed and I missed my stop. That's when I saw Heather on the footpath waving at me. Great--now I'm stuck on the bus and she is out there with The Assailant. The people around me asked if I was OK (yes) and why she had hit me (no idea). At the next stop, a block up the road, I approached the driver and asked if he saw what happened. He said there was a camera on the bus and gave me a number to call to report it. I got off the bus and ran to catch up with Heather. She had gotten off the front of the bus and asked why I had missed the stop. She had no idea what had happened. When we got home, I called the Transit Authority and the police to report the assault. The police came out to file the report, and said they would probably be able to get a picture from the video, but finding out who she is would be difficult.
My ear throbbed for about an hour, and was hot for a few hours. It was still a little sensitive to the touch this morning, but should be fine in another day or two. No headaches or anything. Heather was afraid I would have cauliflower ear and would be ugly, but I'm still good looking as of this writing.

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