24 February 2006

Sorry Dad, I'm a Liberal

Guaranteed, right now Dad is thinking, "Where did I go wrong? First the Apple computer, and now this?" If it makes you feel any better, I'm really more of a centrist. I took several political quizzes on the web a couple of years ago, and I was conservative-centrist. But political events over the past year or so, coupled with living in a liberal-ish country, had me wondering if my views had changed. I took some of the quizzes again, including Political Compass and Politopia, and discovered I have moved across the centre axis. Basically, I like a government that keeps out of our private lives, but provides social and economic programs for the well being of all. I still find loudmouth extremists on both ends obnoxious, and I still think the Democratic party is more interested in disagreeing with Bush than having any actual platform of their own. In fact, Nader should have been my man in 2004 according to the polls. In recent history, Jimmy Carter is the president closest to me (All apologies to my father-in-law, who, at the mention of that name, just began about three days of repeating how poor a president Carter was. Apologies to my mother-in-law, too). But there you have it: I'm a liberal. Confession is good for the soul.


Dad said...

Apology accepted, I'm just hoping that "Train up a child..." still works. And I agree with your father-in-law, I think only Harding ranks below Carter in presidential rankings.

Sometimes, it is better to keep some things in the closet than to admit to something like this. lol

Chris said...

What kind of presidential rankings? Approval ratings? Carter wasn't popular, but he faced some tough choices during his administration. Since then, he has been a leading ambassador and negotiator of peace. His presidency may have been shaky, but his politics are sound.