05 February 2006

Super Bowl XL pick

By the teams involved, this has to be the most un-"XL" Super Bowl in a long time. Ironic, isn't it? From what I have seen, Pittsburgh seems to be the hot pick, but it seems everyone has yet again forgotten what wins games. Please allow me to remind you.
DEFENSE-Pittsburgh has the better defense, but not by much, especially when you break it down running/passing. Seattle is right behind Pittsburgh's run defense, and they both have average pass defenses. I think Seattle will be able to do more against Pittsburgh's defense than vice versa, but I'll give a slight edge to PITTSBURGH.
RUSHING-MVP Shaun Alexander carries for Seattle. Done. Edge to SEATTLE.
TURNOVERS-For the season, Seattle is a +9, Pittsburgh is +7. Slight edge to SEATTLE.
INTANGIBLE MEDIA CURSE-They have set up Bettis and his teammates for failure with all this talk about Bettis going home for the Super Bowl. Edge to SEATTLE.
The teams might not be "XL," but the matchup points to a good game. I'll pick SEATTLE to win 34-27. I'll have to check the final score when I get home from work, since I'll be teaching Monday afternoon while you're watching SBXL Sunday evening.
Oh, and Rugby Union Super 14 starts February 10, National Rugby League March 10. Go the Waratahs! Go the Roosters!

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